Conservancy District Breaks Ground on a Critical Dike Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project

Board Members from the Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy District gathered to celebrate the kickoff of the construction of new Dike infrastructure.  This critical structure will prevent further erosion of some water level critical shoreline between Lake Wawasee and Syracuse Lake.  The District, which has been planning the design, financing and construction timing of this project for years, is excited to see this project come to fruition. The project, which is starting just before the 2023 lake season, is anticipated to be completed by July of 2023. The project construction site is along the shore west of the Harkless Drive bridge and is accessed by S. Koko Drive. 

For more information about the District, the importance of a dike structure and for detailed project updates, please check back soon!

Board members include: Carolyn Anderson, Jim Silcox, Todd Mickel, David Johnston and Bill Pipp