Harkless Drive Dike

Harkless Drive Dike

The Harkless Dike is located on the western edge of Lake Wawasee and helps to control the water level for lakeside residents. However, a rehabilitation project has become necessary in order to improve the integrity of the structure and reduce the likelihood of a breach in the future.

The Dike experienced a partial failure in January 2008 and was able to be repaired, but it was apparent that a more permanent solution was required. Our organization is overseeing this rehabilitation project in order to improve the structure on a larger scale, ultimately making it more secure and effective. This project will not only benefit lakeside property owners, but everyone who enjoys spending time on beautiful Lake Wawasee.

What is a Dike?

A dike is a barrier created to regulate water level, protecting areas that would naturally be underwater most of the time. Unlike dams, dikes typically run parallel to a body of water and are widely used for water level regulation in rivers, lakes and even seas.

The Importance of a Dike Structure

Dikes do not appear where we need them the most. They are embankments constructed for the purposes of preventing flooding. As with most water oriented structures, they have to be maintained and occasionally reconfigured to remain effective. Doing so helps prevent water levels from rising to lakefront properties and also plays an active role in keeping water levels safe for activities.

Current Projects:

Our organization is planning projects to ensure that the Harkless Drive dike receives the maintenance required to remain functional. Download the engineering drawings, specifications and cost estimates for the project below:

Completed Projects:

The results of an engineering study determined that the dike is in need of rehabilitation. The repairs have been separated into two phases, an engineering and planning phase and a construction phase. The costs are highlighted below:

  • Phase 1: $240,000
  • Phase 2: $284,000
  • Total Cost: $520,000