Our Mission

The Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy was established to help monitor and maintain structures that are integral to lake water level management. The lakes and our residents are what make Syracuse a great place to live, and the creation of a conservancy district ensures that structures get the attention they require to remain functional. 

The conservancy district will oversee crucial and intermediate maintenance projects, while keeping the community informed of progress. Doing so will protect area property values and increase the quality of life for residents. In turn, improving water level management structures will go a long way in sustaining environmental areas, wildlife habitats and recreational opportunities throughout our area.

Map of the Lakes

The History of Our Lakes

Our lakes include more than 3,500 acres of water which residents, visitors, and vacationers enjoy for year-round recreational activities. Considering that Lake Wawasee is the largest natural lake in Indiana, it’s no surprise that our area has a long, rich history.

The area was originally occupied by homesteaders who found the location to be ideal for hunting, fishing, and trapping. Settlers came to the area in the early 1830s and originally named Lake Wawasee “Turkey Lake.” Area lakes were later renamed after the Native American chiefs Wawasee and Papakeecha.

Syracuse was founded in 1837 and began to grow, largely due to the resources and wildlife provided by the lakes. The area has been regarded as a “resort town” since 1920, and our lakes continue to serve as the basis for our flourishing community to this day.


A conservancy district provides a mechanism by which landowners, through a circuit court process can organize a special taxing district to solve specific local issues related to water resource management.

Board Members

Carolyn Anderson

District #5 Board Member

Current lake house address: 8357 E South Road, Syracuse, IN 46567

Todd Mickel

District #1 Board Member

Current lake house address: 13117 N Eastshore Dr

Total number of years with home on lake: 7 Years 

David Johnston

District #4 Board Member

Current lake house address: 1117 E. Northshore Drive, Syracuse, IN. 46567

Total number of years with home on the lake: 33 years

William Pipp

District #3 Board Member

Current Lake House Address: 10695 North Lung Lane Syracuse, IN 46567

Total number of years with home on lake: 53 Years

James Silcox

District #2 Board Member

Current lake house address: 323 East North Kitson Lane, Syracuse, In 46567

Total number of years with home on lake:
26 years

Conservancy District Areas

The district generally covers the parcels of land within Turkey Creek Township, Kosciusko County, Indiana. Syracuse Lake and Lake Wawasee compose the majority of the district area, with surface areas of 414 acres and 3,410 acres, respectively. The drainage area contributing to the lakes covers nearly 25,000 acres. 

The district was established by order of the Kosciusko Circuit Court on December 15, 2020 and established under the Indiana Code (IC) 14-33-1-1 of the Indiana Conservancy Act.

Read the TCDDCD District Plan here.