South Huntington Street Dam

South Huntington Street Dam

The outlet structure at Syracuse Lake is located in the heart of our city, across the street from the Town Clerk. The dam was originally constructed in the 1880’s, and then rebuilt in 1964.  It serves many functions, though the benefits for lakeside residents cannot be understated. It plays a crucial role in regulating the water surface elevation for both Syracuse Lake and Lake Wawasee. Given the age of the structure and the vital part it plays in maintaining legal lake level, ongoing monitoring and diligent maintenance are very important.


The South Huntington Street Dam holds the water to a court-established levels, preventing lake levels from dropping several feet. The structure keeps lake levels compliant, safe for activities, and helps to keep lakeside resident’s properties and belongings safe. However, the structure is also a crucial component of the Syracuse Water Treatment Plant and Sewer Plant which rely on the dam’s functionality.


Our organization is currently overseeing rehabilitation projects to ensure that the dam remains functional and can continue to serve our community. The results of an engineering study have determined that the dam is in need of both critical repairs and intermediate repairs. The repairs have been separated into two phases, which are highlighted below.

Critical Repairs: $225,000
Intermediate Repairs: $375,000
Single Project: $600,000