Turkey Creek

Dam & Dike Conservancy District

Water Level Management for Lake Wawasee, Syracuse Lake, and Lake Papakeechie

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The Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy District was formed in 2021 to manage and maintain lake water level control structures affecting three lakes in Kosciusko County. These structures include the Huntington Street Dam and the proposed Dike improvements on the western edge of Lake Wawasee. These structures are crucial to maintaining water levels – keeping the area safe for activities and preserving the value of lakeside properties.

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Recent Rains Impact on Current Lake Levels

Recent Rains Impact on Current Lake Levels

Turkey Creek DDCD has control actions in place to mitigate flooding on Wawasee, Syracuse and Papakeechie Lakes. As spring unfolds, and heavy rainfall continues, our lakes continue to receive runoff from surrounding areas. In response, we have opened the flood control...



2nd Quarterly Meeting Notice. Please be advised the Governing Board of the Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy District will meet at the WACF offices located at 11586 SR-13, Syracuse, Indiana at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday May 16, 2023. All members of the public are welcome...

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About This Data

The data displayed above is the average of readings from meters installed at Dillon Creek, the Leeland Channel, and the Turkey Creek Inflow, and will include data from additional stations as they become available. Click here for more detail on individual site readings.

The established, or ideal, lake level for Syracuse Lake is 858.87 feet, elevation Sea Level Datum. Additional and historical data will be incorporated in the future.

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