Turkey Creek DDCD Board Approved to Lower 2023 Residential Homeowner Tax Rates

by | Nov 2, 2022 | News | 0 comments

The Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy District recently received approval to lower its combined levy rates 30-45% for area constituents. The reduction is a result of funding goals being met for the dike reconstruction at Hawaiian Village. Project funding for a robust dike to replace a man-made dredging’s dike was included in the 2022 budget, resulting in the previous year’s comparatively higher tax rates. The organization also aims to reduce these rates in the following years. It is worth mentioning that the town of Syracuse plans to contribute financially as well. The town has already assisted with clearing and disposal of brush to enable access and construction

The Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy was established in 2021 to help monitor and maintain structures that are integral to lake water level management. The district worked quickly to address and oversee maintenance and reconstruction projects as the dam and dike structures were in a critical state. 

“We’re excited to share the news of the rate reduction for our constituents,” said Turkey Creek Dam and Dike Conservancy District Board Member Jim Silcox. “At the same time we’ve been really pleased with the opportunity to spread awareness about the major role these structures play in life for our community. The support we’ve received has allowed us to make progress and ensure the safety of these water level management systems.”

The dam and dike structures are crucial to maintaining water levels, in turn keeping the area safe for activities and preserving the value of lakeside properties. The Dike experienced a partial failure in January 2008 and was able to be repaired, but a more permanent solution was required. The organization is overseeing a reconstruction project made from concrete to replace the existing dirt structure, ultimately making it more secure and effective.