Water Level Management Overview

by | Jul 2, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Turkey Creek - Harkless Drive Rehab Project

The dam at Syracuse Lake was originally constructed in the 1880’s, and then later rebuilt in 1964. This structure regulates the water surface elevation for both Syracuse Lake and Lake Wawasee. Given the age of the structure and its critical role in maintaining legal lake level, ongoing monitoring and maintenance are very important. 

Current operation and maintenance of the dam has been minimal. The steel sheet pile walls upstream and downstream of the outlet structure were rehabilitated in 2020. While the outlet structure is in generally good condition, ongoing maintenance is necessary due to its age.

The existing dike on the western edge of Lake Wawasee is need of repair. The Dike experienced a partial failure in January 2008 and was repaired. However, rehabilitation of the Dike is necessary to improve the integrity of the structure and reduce the likelihood of a breach in the future.